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The group was born from an idea of Dok who in 1998 wanted a "container" for his projects. Since 2001 Dok starts the collaboration with Dj Tsura and produces the beats of "Independentz" and "Born Twice" with the feat of Dj Double S and Esa, as well as several collaborations with various artists of the scene. From 2011 Noire enters the lineup and the following year Geidi , thus reaching the current composition. Cobratempio is invited to participate in Dj Fede's record “Torino Underground” with the song Il Nostro Sound . After the release of The Trippin Mixtape   with the collaborations of Jack The Smoker, Tommy Smoka, Wildeluxe, Bat, Pisani Cartella, Dj Dops and Cavapawa, in 2015 they come out with the single Nudo e Crudo ft. Andre $

After the closure of the historic Cobratempio Studio, where Dok, Noire and Geidi take care of the productions, recordings and artistic direction of several new talents . 


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