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Este, ex Siero, was born in Turin in 1989, he became passionate about music in 2004. In 2008 he founded the Army of None crew and took part in the album AON in 2009, AONWTF in 2010 and PenSierOnoraTo in 2011. In 2018 he published on Spotify the singles "The rain with the sun" and "Più tempo", in 2019 the single "Illegale" and a collaboration with Turin artists Beky and Cobram leading to the song "Le donne baciano" . In winter of 2020 anticipates the release of a new album "SieroVinato", distributed by BlackFlow Enterprise, with the single "Donami tomorrow", and in May he signs for the UNICAMusic label.

Siero has collaborated in his career with Beky, Cobram and Stefania Tasca and has opened the lives of Shade, Bluvirus, Giaime, Boroboro, Termanology, Noyz, ClaverGold, Mezzomiliardo, Keezy.

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